Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

Finding the good in each day isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it is necessary to do so that we may take full advantage of our waking lives. People who are the most grateful tend to be the ones with the most happiness filled inside. On your quest to live a life full of joy, you must be able discern situations and look for solutions more than problems, and for good more than bad. 

We will only become who we are as each day passes. If you acquire the bad habit of looking for the negative in each situation, not only will you more than likely end up alone, you will also more than likely stop before you ever reach the finish line of your goals out of fears driven by negativity. 

Don’t let fear and uncertainty distract you from what your life is, and what your life could be, see the good in each day and make your life yours.

You must make a “choice” to take a “chance” or your life will never “change”.

If you ever want to get to where you really want to be you have to be willing to make the choices and take the chances. Nothing really worth having in life comes super easy. Without being willing to take a few risks, and make a few choices that may not be the most popular choices, chances are you won’t see all of the success and greatness you are destined to. 

Some wait to see if the choice they made is the choice that should have been made, while others choose to sit back and acknowledge the fact that it isn’t just about the choices you make. It is about the choices that you continue to make, day in and day out. 

Sure you can make some big choices to change your life. But if you don’t continue to make the small choices, to make the big changes, you will probably continue to remain as the same person.

Don’t worry, just breathe. If it’s meant to be, it will find a way.

Take your time to breath. Relationships are not always easy things to go through, especially relationships that are paused with no conclusion or continuation in sight. Instead of worrying about things that you may not be exactly ready or able to change at the moment, take some time out to work on yourself. 

Being in a relationship can sometimes leave a person out of touch with the person that they may have held back from coming out. 

Start exploring your new self. Take some time out to breath, relax and just enjoy the fact that you are blessed to be breathing. I know there is a lot on your mind, and there probably is a lot of the time. But, don’t fret. Just breathe, if things are meant to be, they will find their way back to you. Enjoy your life today, and everyday, no matter how bad things may be, enjoy your beautiful life.

Letting go of someone special is hard but holding on to someone who doesn’t even feel the same is much harder.

Sometimes in our waking lives we are confronted with the decision of either making the best out of a relationship by hoping that the person that we want to really care for us, starts to really care for us, even though making someone love you after a while isn’t always the easiest thing to do. 

If we really want to be with the people that really deserve our love, we have to be willing to protect our hearts from those who will do nothing but drop it if they are given it. You can’t make someone love you, or treat you the way you want to be treated, people either will or they wont. 

You have to love yourself first. Until you can love yourself enough to let go of the people in your life that don’t really care, you will continue to find people in your life that just don’t seem to care the way that you do.

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Just being happy is something that we can all do. Often times we look at the things we don’t have and we complain, instead of being grateful for the life that we already have, and the fact that our lives will always have the potential to get better. 

Many of us focus on things like how high gas prices are, instead of the fact that we are fortunate to have a car, since not everyone is as fortunate as us to have one. Instead of seeing the wrong, or the shorter side of each situation, try to see the cup as half full. Eventually there will be a time when you realize that it is the times that you struggled that make life worth living, not just being successful. 

Just be happy, never take a moment for granted, and continue to live your best life in the pursuit of happiness!

The darkest night is often the bridge to the brightest tomorrow.

Many times we see the act of venturing into the unknown, as a fearful journey, even though most times we don’t really have to. Sometimes life has to be written out and exact. If you don’t start planning your course while you are in the dark to go into the light for a better tomorrow, then sadly you never will see a better tomorrow. 

God made us all with a purpose for us in mind, and if we ever want to see it, we have to continue to have faith, and act from this faith. 

If we ever want to see the dreams and goals we have hoped all of our lives to see, we have to be willing to believe when it all seems hopeless. Persevere! Never lose yourself, for simply that is the easy way out! Where you are, will only be temporary, if you continue to believe with a whole heart!