You Can Go As Far As Your Mind Lets You

Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.
Too many of us choose to limit ourselves by not using everything that we have inside of us, to get where we need to go. How many times have you seen someone who you know or knew growing up, that seemed to be less talented, and less resourceful than everyone else, but now that person seems to be one of the most favored people you have ever seen.

There was once a woman who grew up in a tough environment. People told her she was never going to amount to much else than everyone else that grew up where she did. People told her that as a woman there wasn’t much that she could do, or many people that she could help change, and that her dreams were crazy and ridiculous.

What if I told you that this woman, Mother Teresa, helped millions by feeding them, and loving them because she was willing to use her whole box of crayons! Use everything you have inside of you, consistently, work from your heart, and just love the people around you, and you will make a huge

Learn To Live With What You Have

To bring out the best in you and help you live a super-happy life, You need to Stop over thinking, stop worrying, stop complaining. Life is too short for all of that.
Happiness comes in many forms. The good thing is it can be extremely different from person to person. Why is this a good thing? You can tailor everything you do in your life to bring out the happiness in you. One muscle that we have to learn how to develop to achieve success is the muscle in our psyche that we use to make decisions. Just as we workout to develop the muscles we want and the body shape we desire, exercising the muscles of our brain will give our personal lives the look that we want if we learn how to develop them correctly.
Stop over thinking life, and start making decisions in a more abrupt manner. Consistently do this, and use your intelligence to do so.

Doing so will allow for you not only to lead a more active life full of action, and growth, but it will also help for you to develop the skill of being able to choose the best choices for your life in a moment’s notice, rather than distorting situations by over thinking them. Try making clear decisions with conviction on a daily basis, and remember to follow your gut, it is usually never wrong.

Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Are you living your life to its fullest potential by completely and utterly being yourself in every way? Some of us get so caught up in the world that we desire for ourselves, that we choose to do it by selling ourselves out, instead of reaching for real happiness, love and fulfillment by being ourselves.

If you really want to make this life your life, you have to consciously and consistently make decisions that allow for you to be yourself. You can only continue to tell who you are on the inside “no” for so long, until you eventually find yourself lost in your own life.

So be you! There is nothing better in this world than a person who doesn’t mind being the creative, and unique individual that they really are! Not only will you be a genuine you, but the relationships you build while being you, and the accomplishments that you achieve will also be genuine!

Live the Life You’ve Imagined

Take control of your life. Your happiness is in your hands.
Losing your way? We all do, so don’t feel convicted or condemned. One simple fact about life is that it is very hard at times. Sometimes we get in situations so undesirable to us, that we feel that we don’t even get who we are as a person anymore, and what we really want out of life.

We have all been there, whether we choose to admit it or not, and it is because of this adversity, that we are finally able to decide what we truly want out of life.

One thing you must do to find your way is to take control of your life. Start making decisions that you actually want to make, and stop living life for everyone other than yourself. You have so much inside of you, and if you truly want to help this world, if you still have breath, then you are able to! Just get back up again, keep pushing forward, and keep standing up when life pushes you down.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear And Only Half Of What You See

Don’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you see.
In this day and age it is sometimes easy for most of us to be gullible and to believe a story or someones description of an event or happening because it may be presented to us professionally enough to be believable. It is a hard pill to swallow but just because something is in print does not make it necessarily true. We must make use of our own minds, and other resources such as books, journals, articles, acquire as much knowledge as possible, and from then develop our own opinions about certain subjects.

Too many times, especially in the world today, we rely on what people in the media are saying, and what our friends are saying on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, instead of relying upon ourselves and using our own initiatives to discover what is true, and what is reality. It is important that we take control in our own lives, inform ourselves as much as possible, in order to form the most precise and truthful opinions we can about life, this world, and what is happening in it.

People Don’t Change Unless They Want To

People don’t change unless they want to. Unless something in their life prompts it. You have to learn to see people for who they really are, right from the get-go. If you don’t like something about someone, or how they’re treating you, don’t expect that they’re going to change just for you. It’s who they are. Expecting any different only leads to frustration, disappointment and more hurt or disrespect. Not worth it!
There aren’t many things in life that aren’t possible, but one of them is that people who don’t want to change can’t be helped to be changed by us. There are many in our lives that we know that seem to be willingly undertaken by life and its circumstances. We must all learn that though there are those in our lives who we feel aren’t getting everything out of life that they possibly can, and are living nowhere near to where they may potentially be, there is nothing that we can do for these people if they don’t want change within themselves.

The best way for us to help these people is to try to live as an example of what following your heart can do. Though there are many who need help in ways that we can’t help them, we can still help by sending our prayers and positive thoughts their way as much as possible. We must also be willing to let go of those who are inevitably headed towards destruction, because if that is what they desire in their hearts, there is truly nothing that we can do to change them, they must first want change in their own hearts.

How People Treat Other People Is A Direct Reflection Of Themselves

How people treat other people is a direct reflection of themselves. Do well by others, feel good about yourself.
The more people that we deal with in our lifetime, the more that we will realize that not every one is the same, and that some people just have to be treated in different ways than others so that you may best connect with your friends.

Life forces us to learn the principle of meeting people where they are. Some people may not be ready to experience life in ways that we may be ready to experience it in, because every one has different maturity levels physically, emotionally, and spiritually, so we must always keep this in mind.

In an effort to treat each friend that we have in the best way possible, and to see them grow in the areas we see that they may be lacking in, we must be willing to do what God tells us to do, and we must also be willing to follow what is in our hearts to know the right way to help strengthen those who matter to us most.

You Can’t Stay Mad At Someone Who Makes You Smile

You can’t stay mad at someone who makes you smile.
It is very hard to stay mad at someone who is always willing to make you smile. Though you should always use your heart’s discretion, and though only you may know if someone should be booted from your life or not, we would encourage you to make sure that you keep people around you who will easily make you smile.

The ones who make your heart beat faster, the ones that make your palms sweat, the ones that warm you all over with a simple thought, the ones who are willing to joke with you, the ones that help inspire you to be a better you, and reach heights that you never imagined you could reach, are the ones that should be an integral part of your life.

Never forget the importance of being around those who are willing to support and be there for you just to see you happy, because these are the only ones that will be with you with 100% on the road to fulfilling your dreams.

God Will Never Put You Through Anything You Cant Handle

And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so you can endure it. 1 Corinthians 10:13
We all at some point are forced be faced with temptation in our lives. One huge problem is that many of us aren’t really familiar with how to deal with temptation favorably. If we refuse to make plans for ourselves in certain situations, the temptation we face will probably be much harder to avoid. In many campaigns and propaganda, the consumers are coached to think of certain responses so that they will be more likely to act off of the natural coached response, instead of a spontaneous response.

Know who you are, and do the things in life out of love, instead of just trying to appease someone else. Do things in your life that will add to your life, and help you add to others. Also, be sure to give thought to if a decision will add to or take away from your own life, and the life of others.

Caring Even When You Are Angry

Love is caring for each other even when you’re angry.
Having someone who wants to do nothing but grow old with you, is something that is very special to have, and something that not everyone is blessed to find in this beautiful world! When you find a good love, it is very easy to see past a persons flaws and it is even easier to want to give them all of you for the rest of your life.

Though some get a real love confused with great passion for a person, if a love is real it will show after a long period of time. A love between two people can only be sustained forever if it is genuine, and if both parties involved are willing to work as hard as they possibly can to make sure that it lasts.

When you finally do decide to dedicate your life to someone, be sure to remember what this dedication entails, and remember to always be yourself to give your partner a real sense of who you are at all times, and not just who you think they want you to be.