Never Pretend To Care More Than You Really Do

One of the cruelest things you can do to another person is pretend you care about them more than you really do.
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Being in a relationship is already tough. As we are all (for the most part) born alone, being with someone can be one of the most difficult jobs a person actually experiences in life.

One of the most important ingredients in every type of relationship we will experience will be the willingness to be honest. When we are able to maintain an honest relationship we are allowed to give focus to the things that really keep things fresh and in check.

One must always be willing to examine their relationships and examine the reasons that they are with someone. When this happens, sometimes we are forced to confront the reality that someone isn’t truly for us, and that is ok.

Just be willing to make the changes that you need to make when you do face these realizations, be upfront honest and direct.

Refuse To Lower Your Standards

Refuse to lower your standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs.
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One of the biggest misunderstandings that people have when it comes reaching new levels in their lives is the feeling that they must wait for the people around them to raise the bar. Life isn’t exactly a team sport. Those who are blessed to have vision will often find themselves alone. Those with vision are able to recognize the ways in life that they have been flawed, and will continue to make life better by reaching higher and higher each day.

Often it is these people who will feel alone in a room full of people because no one in that room is thinking about life with as much seriousness as they are.

Never feel bad for saying no. Not everyone will have your best interests in mind when they try to apply the pressure on you to do things that you know deep-down, are not you.

An Experience Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words an experience is worth a thousand pictures.
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Many of the lessons that we learn in life are a result of the things that we experience on a daily basis. In life you will see great friendships and sour ones. You will experience love and all of its joys. You will experience the twisted ways of people that rise against you, and hopefully you’ll come to understand why you shouldn’t be against others who promote the good in mankind.

You will live through many different situations, and someday realize how much you have learned from each one as each day passes. Not everyones knowledge or experiences will equate to the same consequences for your life so we must always be willing to explore our hearts to express ourselves as best as possible.

This life is truly yours, remember that your destiny is only going to be as real as you make it. Experience life!

Being Honest Will Always Get You The Right Friends

Being honest may not always get you many friends, but it’ll always get you the right ones.
In order for our lives to progress in the way that they are destined to, we have to be willing to be honest with ourselves and with all of the people we interact with to help make sure that our life is founded on solid ground. When you base your life off of a lie you set yourself up for failure. There is no use in starting a relationship in which you make a friend by being someone that you really arent. At some point the person will recognize that you arent who you say you are, and often times this results in the failure of the relationship.

When you lie, things fall apart. We should all make an effort to be honest and genuine with each other. Honesty allows for us to connect on the deepest levels, and gives us just what we need to help the world see the change and growth it needs to see.

I Love to Worship You, Lord

I love being in your house, Lord.


I know I can worship you anywhere, and I do. But there is nothing like being in your house with other believers. I love the choirs and instruments. I love the hymns and the prayers. I appreciate the messages that come from your Word, and I love giving gifts, acknowledging you as the ultimate Giver of all. I love being with other people who care about you as much as I do. “Praise the LORD. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!” (Psalm 147:1). I love being able to go public with my praises and let the world know I am proud to be your child. I claim you; thank you for claiming me.Father, you are the Designer and Maker of all. Lord Jesus, you are our Redeemer, living, dying, and rising to win back your lost brothers and sisters. Holy Spirit, you are the energy source and the wisdom in my life. I acknowledge you; I appreciate you; I depend on you; I worship you; I praise you. The joy I feel in your house will sustain me until I can praise you face-to-face. I will love to worship you in heaven too.