A long distance relationship is a relationship between two people that are in two totally different places, and usually a long distance away from each other. Long distance relationships are thought of by many as impossible to last a lifetime, and many refuse to try them because of this widely held belief. When a person is in a long distance relationship they are forced to put all of their heart and soul in a relationship that shows no immediate gratification. Besides being able to talk over the phone, write emails and the newly popular video conference calls, the communication between the couple is limited, and unless the individuals make regular trips to see each other there isn’t much physical activity between the couple. A long distance relationship requires a pair to have a lot of respect, trust, and love towards one another in order to work out for the best, and maybe even last for their lifetimes.- «~P_£_A_C_£~»@_-- @_--

Hundreds of problems, millions of blessings.

Being able to focus on your blessings in life is a blessing in itself. There are people who die every day not realizing their full potential because they were never able to change their way of thinking. We should never go through life focusing on the parts of life that we didn’t enjoy in the past, and fearing that we won’t enjoy the future.

Instead we need to remember that though life has its ups and its downs, the good times we experience will greatly outweigh the bad times. Fill your mind with positive messages, and a habitual dedication to making your life better. We should all know that because we can go until we have nothing left, that the hundreds of problems we may face in each moment are dim in comparison to what blessings God has in store for us.

You deserve a great life, don’t quit, don’t succumb to inferior thinking, you are blessed!

Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it’s stormy now doesn’t mean that you aren’t headed for sunshine.

Many of us have heard people say that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. It is so hard for some people to even identify themselves as tough people, because compared to adversity that others have faced; their adversity doesn’t seem as humungous.

But just because you haven’t been through as crazy of times as everyone else, doesn’t mean that you aren’t tough, and it doesn’t mean that the toughness you have acquired from your past, won’t help you through the situations that you are presently experiencing.

Remember that you are tough! It is hard to see past the storms right now, but if you can just hold on, and persevere, you will once again see the sunshine in your life that seems to have been avoiding you.

Keep marching forward, stay goal oriented and remember that this tough time in your life is nothing but a season, it too shall pass.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Laughter is one of the best nutrients a person can get in a day. Not only is laughter therapeutic for the soul, it is also helpful in building rapport with others, strengthening relationships, and it is helpful in bringing down our own personal stress levels.

When you are able to make other people laugh, it is often noted that you help to bring down walls of defensiveness, by giving them a way to see more of who you really are, and that you may not be the person they had already predetermined you to be.

Also, when you attempt to make light of some situations by making it ok to laugh at them, pain levels that would have otherwise resulted from stressing over the situation in a negative manner are greatly reduced before they are even felt.

Change your life today and give way to laughter. Make it a point to laugh as much as possible, and never take yourself so seriously that you forget how too._TR_ ☀̤̣̈̇_fly_(_)wally(_)_fly_☀̤̣̈̇_TR_

Sometimes we come into a person’s life not to make them love us but to let them feel that they’re so much worth loving for.

Sometimes we are just put into a person’s life to help build them up! In fact when we decide to enter into a persons life this should be our only motive! Why enter into somebody’s life for any other reason? Too many of us have been beat down by life, and we just need someone to help us get back up on our feet so that we can continue to move forward again. If this makes a person love you because they get the opportunity to see how awesome of a person you are, then that is wonderful, but don’t make that your number one motive.

Be a blessing to someone else so that someone may be a blessing unto you eventually. Don’t do it just to make them love you! Once you show them the light that is inside of you, chances are they will love you for it anyways!(_)Olaitan™ Lyt picturez Ent.(y)  _̮ ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́ ͂ ͂ ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́f

The best feeling in the world is knowing you actually mean something to somebody

As the quote says it feels good to be loved and for someone to show you how much that you mean to them on a regular basis. When you are special to someone you should feel that you are special to him or her. We should all be treated as the kings and queens that we are by those that we love. When somebody that we love is willing to show us how much they love us by even just doing the simple things such as drawing our baths, or giving us flowers, or taking us out to eat, we feel like we are appreciated.

As humans we all want to at some point feel appreciated for being the person that we are (some of us more than others), and it is up to partners in love to keep up with showing and telling each other about our feelings for one another. When you’re in a relationship your love for the other person in the relationship should never be in question!(_)Hojaf

Never take someone’s feelings for granted, you never know how much courage that they took to show it to you.

As people, we are emotional sometimes. Sometimes all we want is for that one person to give us approval for the feelings we are feeling inside, whether right or wrong, good or bad. Knowing this is generally true about ourselves, we must be willing to give careful consideration to the words people spew to us, especially when they are spewing out pieces of their hearts.

Note that it is always important to be honest with the people around you, but it is also almost equally important to be kind to the people around us.

Respect the way that a person feels by being honest with them and yourself, and never taking for granted their feelings. You never know, one day the shoes that you once saw someone else wearing, may be the next pair of shoes that you will be wearing. Never take anything for granted, especially someones feelings.(_)Olaitan™ Lyt picturez tEnt.(y)  _̮ ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́ ͂ ͂ ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́

Sometimes, we are only given a few minutes to be with the one we love, and a thousand hours to spend thinking of them

We may never really know why things are happening the way they do, and why we aren’t given the time we wish we had with the people we love. Sometimes we are only given a limited amount of time to be with the one we love, and are left to spend what seems like an eternity thinking about them.

When we are forced to wait for someone because of the tentacles that love has over us, we are forced to deal with the simple fact that loneliness will creep in. Not being able to see their lovers for most is much more than just a difficult part of loving someone who isn’t there, it is often times what causes a relationship to crumble from its root.

Think about animals in the wild, who for the most part will mate again after their first mate is gone from their lives. This is important to note because there are some species who will only remain loyal to their first mate, or the mate they have loved most. You never know when someone will be taken from your life, and for how long, but you can consistently love him or her as much as you can, with whatever distance is between you both.(_)(_)TiwaSayo (_) (_)~

Kill them with kindness

Being kind, and remaining positive in the midst of those being rude, judgmental and negative is a hard task to accomplish, but it can be done, and it usually produces better results than you treating someone horribly because they treat you that way. In order to do this you will have to learn how to acquire a great deal of patience. The easy way out of dealing with conflict for a lot of us is to yell or argue back with someone who may be doing the same to us.

Take time to think before you react, and remember that using soft kind words will create the same kind of response, while using harsh, demeaning words and tones will usually emit a harsh response. Sometimes it is best when you have nothing nice to say, to say nothing at all, and sometimes being the bigger person means that you must walk away from a situation even though you may be right.

The best makeup is your smile

There is no beauty like the beauty that comes from inside of you. Because of society and because of huge influences of things like advertising (which many studies say is more influential than the things in America that we learn in school by the time we are older) and other forms of media, many of us feel as though what really makes us beautiful by radiating inside of us, isn’t what true beauty really is, when in fact the only real and lasting beauty is the beauty that comes from within.

This world is full of uniquely talented and uniquely beautiful people that don’t even know it because of the insecurities they have placed upon themselves.

Instead of caving into pressures from your environment to think act or look a certain way, stay away from the box that society will try to put you in, be yourself, and love yourself.(_) (_) simbysly (_) (_)cn