So much admiration for all the Love God is constantly giving…
Receiving my blessings, showing love to my love ones while there still living…
God continues to bless me; therefore I will bless someone in addition
I praise God for Grace and Mercy No matter what the condition
Throughout all my test, I still confess by the Grace of God I am blessed
In my toughest hour I refuse to decay, I will continue to shine even on my darkest day
In my life Lord I trust your will, and for you to be my leading man
God is forever faithful; I trust in his power, purpose, and plan 
Praying for peace in the middle of chaos and uproars 
Lord I’ll abide in you and your word and promises I’ll explore
During circumstances if His will brings me to it, his Grace sees me through it
Perseverance had taught me to become at better me, Enjoy life and know that for my salvation there’s NO Fee. 
I love My God, and the promise that he makes
He’s always beside me even when I feel like I’ve taken all I can take
Thanking God for every stumbling block, and giving me strength to climb
Every day in you New Mercies I find…
Thank you for feeding me and nurturing me with the word that I love to taste
Lord if anything that’s in me and it’s not of you pray it’s erased
I’m so grateful for the small things like standing on my two feet
Lord without you I am incomplete
Thank you for restoration, Lord you always deliver and restore
Every day as I decrease, it’s you Oh Lord that I cry out for
You constantly stand by me, even in my days of bad attitude
This is yet another poetic tribute to my father, a simple poem of gratitude.

“Perfect Timing”

No matter what you’re going through, keep the faith and have No fear… We serve an on time God who is always standing near… You will get through this and you’ll be okay… Look to the hills, and know in due time there will be a brighter day… Tell the devil NOW, God is my father, and I am His… Now is the time to rise above what seems to be, and find what really is… We can never undo the past, but we can confess, ask for forgiveness, and do our best… Everyday is a new beginning to do the possible and let God handle the rest’… Surrender to God RIGHT NOW, and give your troubles an expiration date… God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight… Every test, trial, obstacle, and burdens has a season… Trust God’s timing for everything he does has a reason… God has three stages in his work: impossible, difficult, and done… Please believe in his perfect timing Victory will be Won… You may be going through a time in your life where just want to give up and quit… But know this above all else… HE knows what you need and when to provide it. One reason God created time is for us to bury our troubles in the past… Another reason is for us to trust in his timing, that troubles don’t always last… Wait patiently and expectedly for the Lord, he will give you the desires of your heart… Remember that God is not limited by time; he has been with you from the very start… God’s has a plan and a purpose for your life, keep praying, with a humble plead… God is ordering your steps, walk by faith, trust him, and let him lead… If you believe your cup will overflow, Worry looks around, Sorry looks back, and Faith looks up Look around you, it could be worse, God has given you many signs… Wait On Him… GOD operates on a perfectly designed timeline.