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A Whole Day To Celebrate Me

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.


Today is my birthday; a new day has come and it’s better for me than it will be for some people. To those who are suffering, know I wish you peace, and may the light of morning bring needed release from dawn until evening; I pray you will find a never ending path of sweet memories in mind. This may be my hour and my time to shine yet, on this my birthday, knows your heart is mine.

I welcome each challenge this year offers me through hardship I’ve traveled and lived; I’ve conquered in stride with the grace of God evermore at my side. Each day of my life forms good fortune, anew. A handwritten chapter of dreams I pursue. I look not in sorrow, but with happy tears. Today is my birthday and this is my prayer, I wish mounds of love to my friends and fan everywhere; for you have stood by me, through thick and through thin and I know you would do the same, yet again. I wish you blue skies filled with sunshine galore and pray that warm tidings are near to your door. I may now be older, but I feel so blessed to have you, my friends and fans, for indeed, you’re the best.

I’m so very blessed not just on my birthday for all the friends and family God has sent my way. Although this day in the natural was my birth and I celebrate everyday for God showing me my purpose and worth and as I count my blessings I thank God for all of you, for love is the greatest gift we can all share too! Thank-you each and everyone for being a part of my life, I love you all dearly and for your love, calls, cards and wishes ongoing. Thank you and May God bless you each and everyone!



happy birthday to me

God thank you for this beautiful day. I know you’ll make it perfect in everyway. IMG_20140318_050954This day is very special to me. For this is the day I was born you see. You placed me on earth for a purpose I know. And for that Lord I especially love you so much. I found you Lord as You knew I would. I try everyday to put you first like I know I should. There are things that are truly troubling me and I ask Lord if you could carry this for me. I ask for forgiveness for the wrong deeds I done. And Lord bless me and my family and all my friends I love. Lord I know you work miracles from heaven above.

Happy Birthday to me, another day has come. But with each year passing, I grow as a person and become strong. Thank you Lord for being there for me. Because if I put you first, everything works out you see…I love myself so much and i am always proud of me…once again, happy birthday to me!