Fully Rely On God‎

I am strong because I’ve been weak. I am fearless because I’ve been afraid. I am wise because I’ve been foolish. You are trying to move ahead and yet are filled with regret for what might have been or could have been. You cannot proceed with precision of purpose and clarity of vision until you turn around and leave those things behind that belong in the past. You can do nothing to change what was. But, you can move ahead by divine direction if you will look to God and seek His guidance and direction. 
It has been said often when someone faces a crisis, “God never gives us more than we can handle.” But this phrase has been misunderstood. We can mistakenly think that it is by our strength that we will get through a problem or trial but that isn’t always true. The only reason that you are where you are today is because of your development over time. It is important not to live in the past but we must also be aware that our experiences are part of who we are, and have helped to mold us, shape us, and grow us. We are what we create. Inside of every single one of us lives an artist dying to come out and paint the world in whatever way he or she sees fit.
In truth, God frequently allows us to be in situations that are too much for us and threaten to overwhelm our strength. It is in those moments that we can see God’s strength not ours. We will face things that we cannot handle. The world is full of those “trial of life” that are overwhelming. In fact if we are honest with ourselves and our sinful condition we will see that we really can’t handle any of it. But God can!

Living free is about being yourself with such vigor that you remind other people that they really are cool enough to live their own lives as themselves. Today is a new day, a new day for you accomplish new things and to soar to new heights. Be strong, but continue to sharpen your strength. Be fearless, but continue to take new risks, and seek new opportunities in the presence of fear and doubt. Be wise, and continue to strengthen your mind, seek out knowledge with the presence of mind to know that you must keep learning in every way that you can so that you will not only be able to reach the goals you have set for yourself now, but to also be able to have more vision to create and reach new goals in your future. Sometimes, our troubles and pains can stake us down, bring us to the ground, so that we can say we are weak and rely on God who is strong.

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