Be Joyful In Hope, Patient In Affliction And Faithful In Prayer

There are many things in life that bring unhappiness. Circumstances can bring sadness, grief, and a sense of bewilderment. Be joyful in hope patient in affliction faithful in prayer.
be joyful
God NEVER expects us be happy that we are experiencing difficulties.  He’s not even happy that we are experiencing them.  What we are to be happy or joyful about is the fact that he is at work in our life, he is going to do something great, he is going to reveal himself to us in ways we can not even imagine. We are to be joyful in the hope of what he is about to do in our life.
One of the most powerful catalyst in anyone’s life is the hope that they have in life, and the belief that if they keep their hope at a high level, even in times that life is testing them, that they will be blessed enough to go places in life that they could have never foresaw. A lot of us don’t have a clear vision of where we are going in life, but as long as there is some sort of vision, a lot of motivation in our heart, and a flame of hope inside of us that will never go out, chances are that we will achieve great things, and will go very far in our lives.

Hope is a tool that we all need in our lives to help to keep us afloat when it seems as though we are surely drowning, because hope is that voice that whispers in your head that convinces you to keep going, while other voices are screaming at you in an effort to stop you from trying. The honest fact is that none of us can even get out of bed in the morning if our God doesn’t want us to.  He is every aspect of every second of our day.  He thinks about us more than there are grains of sand on the sea shore.

No matter what our situation is, we can pray with joy because of our hope in God no matter what our current situation is. We can remain patient, persevering through affliction, by presenting our requests and intercessions to God with thanksgiving. Prayer is God’s gift to us so that we can be patient and joyful, even when things don’t appear to be going well. Prayer does not come easily. It takes consistent application in order to discover the great benefits that prayer bring to the life of the believer. Faithfulness in prayer shapes the heart of the believer in ways that no other activity can, and once you have experienced the power of prayer it is hard to live without it.
When you know that God has a detailed plan and purpose for your life and you know that God wants to be glorified in your life, you are going to endure the difficulties, and you are going to have hope in hopeless situations. Don’t quit in hard times; pray all the harder.

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