Best Friends Are The Siblings God Forgot To Give Us

A decent friend is fairly easy to come by, but a great friend; a truly like-minded and like-hearted individual with whom you share that special alchemy, is a rare gift.  A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
A friend is consistent and loyal through whatever life may throw your way. Never take friendship for granted, because it isn’t at all just fun and games. Friendship is about being there to help uplift people who need our support in the different circumstances of life.

Not everyone understands you at the same level. Some might understand you in the context of work, others might understand your approach and loyalties in sports. Regardless of how much of you, or which parts of you, they understand, it is a wonderful thing to find in another person. And it is a quick way to make a friend. Being a good friend means taking time out of what we are doing in order to make sure we are there when our friends need us the most. Even when being there, means literally means being there, do it.

Friendship also means being truthful and honest with people because you love them. Never tell friends lies, not only will it break the relationship, but not being honest may lead a friendship down a path in which it never really had to go had you been truthful as well. Likewise, a great friend is only human, and, while supporting others’ successes, it’s normal to feel envious. The problem isn’t the envy but the attempt to deny or suppress the envy. Friendships grow and deepen when each person is willing to be honest about times when they feel envious.

Last but not least friendship is about having someone that listens to you. A great friend will be interested in hearing it all from the good to the bad. Real friends are thoughtful and are willing to be there for you whenever you need them. We are all climbing a different mountain, and genuine friends will care about your problems as much as their own.


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