A Smile And Kind Words Are Always In Season

Always smile. Life isn’t always full of reasons to smile, but your smile itself is a reason for others to smile too.

There is much more in life to stress and worry about if you choose to, but try not to devote your energy to that. Avoiding the negativity is part of what we see a lot. Also what we see is a hard thing to do, but it can be done if we make conscious decisions to do so.

Focus on bringing positive vibrations to the people you encounter on a day to day basis, and be the change that the world needs. Flash that smile when you’re going to pay for gas. Help the old lady with the loaded grocery cart that is struggling. Take a little extra time to talk to that long-winded neighbor about absolutely nothing. You never really know how much the small things really mean to the people around you.

Just be that spark of kindness that we all so desperately need in these trying times, there’s hardly ever a wrong time to smile.

5 thoughts on “A Smile And Kind Words Are Always In Season

  1. You might not get as many ‘thank you’s…..buh always remember daily that you inspire alot of people….thank you

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