Try New Things

Take a chance. Because you never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be.

Many of us have dreams, and promises that we have pushed down in our lives. Sometimes we subject ourselves to remaining stagnant in life, because we are so unsure of ourselves that we choose to not even try in certain instances. We have to go through life with the attitude that if we try we might fail, but if we never try we will most certainly fail.

Every day we are faced with new decisions, and these are the small battles that we have to win so that we may win the bigger battles. If you aren’t willing to not even try to overcome the smaller battles each day, chances are you will have no chance when going up against the much larger aspects of life.

Instead of not trying and never knowing what you are truly capable of, just do what your heart tells you to do, try new things, take risks, and only then will you truly go the places that you are capable of going.


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