You’re Worth More Than The Value You’ve Placed On Yourself

You’re worth more than the value you’ve placed on yourself. 


In our lives we must accept that our self worth isn’t determined by anyone else but ourselves. Many of us have endured hardships and circumstances so bad that we can’t find it in ourselves to know how much we are really worth, and we instead turn to others. Though there may be people in your life that support you and encourage you we have to realize that people are only human, and at any given time we are liable to be disappointed by them. 

Instead of leaning too hard on another’s faith in us, we must learn to embrace that we must have faith in ourselves. Many times we are not willing to give ourselves enough credit, and are too blind to realize that we are worth much more than the value that we have placed on ourselves. 

We are God’s greatest creations, and there is no one else in the world exactly like us. This uniqueness gives us a priceless price tag, and should let us know that we can do anything that we put our minds to. The only enemy that we truly have in life is our own mind if we allow it to be so.


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